Geocaching in the Oban area

If you have already tried geo-caching, then you will know that it is a great way to explore a new area, and get children interested in going for a walk. If you haven’t come across them before then this explanation below from sums it up perfectly!

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

 More information is available in their guide to geocaching. Most of the caches are plastic water-tight boxes that contain a logbook and some small items. Using your GPS or smartphone see if you can find the cache using the co-ordinates available on the geocaching website, then sign the logbook and (if you came prepared!) take one of the items in the box and leave one in it’s place. The items are normally small, for example a keyring, badge, stickers, small toy, hand warmer, ….. anything that will fit and is suitable for all ages really!

Browse geocaches close to Ben Duirinnis House, and to get full details you need to register for their free membership.


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